We are a company founded and based on the many years of experience acquired by our partners on the financial markets. Our rich history distinguishes us along with our skill in applying transparent and innovative alternative investment methods. We seek to grow portfolio values through investments in Special Purpose Vehicles and non-public assets with significant upside potential, as well as via direct investment in real estate.


Our mission is to locate the most interesting and effective alternative investments that satisfy our and our clients’ expectations. In our opinion, 20% of assets in alternative forms of investment is an optimal allocation. We implement this principle in our real estate projects, in particular by targeting attractive parcels of land.


In recent years alternative investments have become an object of significant interest. They facilitate portfolio diversification owing to their low correlation with traditional asset classes.

Carefully selected land parcels constitute one of the most attractive forms of investment. Land is characterized by far smaller price volatility than other areas of the real estate market, which makes it a relatively low-risk asset. One objective of our alternative investments is to invest pooled capital in undeveloped land whose location gives it high upside potential in a relatively short time horizon. Only this sort of judiciously selected real estate offering can generate the rates of return investors expect.


Osiecki Inwestycje Alternatywne Sp. z o. o. with its seat at ul. Pankiewicza 3, 00-696, Warsaw, whose founding documents are maintained by the Warsaw District Court, XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under KRS no. 0000362948, REGON no. 142385560, NIP no. 7010255656. The total value of the fully paid-in share capital, in compliance with the law and the provisions of the Articles of Association, is PLN 107,385,200.00 (one hundred seven million three hundred eighty five thousand two hundred Polish zlotys)

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